As the draft 2040 Comprehensive Plan is prepared the maps, plan chapters and other information will be available for download and/or viewing from this page.


Adjacent/affected jurisdiction review is complete, and revisions have been made to reflect comments!  Please check out the revised draft for consideration at the January 8, 2019 City Council Meeting below:

01 Lauderdale Community Context_12-30-2018

02 Lauderdale VGS Chapter_1-3-2019

03 Lauderdale Land Use 1-18-2019

04 Lauderdale Housing Chapter_1-2-2019

05 Lauderdale Parks Trails Open Space_1-3-2019

06 Lauderdale Transportation_1-3-2019

07 Lauderdale Surface Water Management_1-19-2019

08 Lauderdale WaterSupplySanitary_1-18-2019

09 Lauderdale Implementation_12-30-2018


OPEN HOUSE #2: Please access a response to questions asked at the Open House, and revised draft Future Land Use plan based on comments received.

Summary of Questions_ Draft3282018


The DRAFT Background presented to the Steering Committee on May 24, 2017 can be accessed from the following links:

DRAFT Lauderdale Background Report_5232017
Draft Maps Background 5242017

Materials and/or presentations from the Steering Committee can be accessed from the links below:

SC Mtg 1 Presentation
SC Mtg 2 Presentation Lauderdale
SC #2 2030 Comp Plan Goals and Strategies Resource Document
Goals Glossary – SC#2
SWOT_Lauderdale 5242017
SC Mtg 3 Presentation
SC Mtg 4 Presentation

The adopted 2030 Comprehensive Plan can be accessed from the City’s website which can be accessed from the following link:

City of Lauderdale Website – Comprehensive Plan 

The Metropolitan Council’s 2015 System Statement for the City can be accessed from the following link: